About Us


Our company was established in Turkey in 1982 and has been engaged in wholesale honey trade for long years.
Beginning to sell packaged honey in Turkey in 1990s, our company has started to export honey to European countries since the year 2003.
Our company established a honey packaging plant in Berlin, Germany in 2006 in order to

  • Supply product constantly on the quality standards of Germany and European Union
  • Produce more qualified and standard products
  • Shorten the time of production, transportation and delivery
  • Follow the quality of the honey until it reaches to the end consumer

In our plant,

  • We execute production in the closed area of 3700m2
  • Our annual capacity is over 2000 tons
  • Our production and marketing team includes 34 persons
  • Production is executed as per the rules of HACCP.

The production, which is executed with modern packaging machines, has been going on under the control of Berlin Municipalities according to the legislations of Germany and European Union.
We are carrying on the packaging processes for the honey types below:

  • Blossom Honey
  • Acacia Honey
  • Forest Honey
  • SchwarzwaldHoney
  • Linden Honey
  • Comb Honey
  • Pollen
  • Royal Jelly

As Turkuaz GmbH, we are dispatching our products from Germany to France, England, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We are doing business by creating dealership system in the countries where we can meet powerful partners.

In accordance with the demands of our customers, we execute private label production.

Under favor of our quality and flexibility on private label production, we has started to sell honey from Germany to USA, Canada and Middle East countries in recent years.

As Turkuaz GmbH, we will continue presenting products on the standards of Germany and European Union to our customers with the motto “The Sweetest on Our Table”.